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Globalizing the World for some good is our Endeavor! What exactly for, are we knotting the optimal technology to the surpassing need of worldwide telecommunication. Link Technology is working with big National and International carriers to sustain International voice transport services across the Globe for the past whole decade. Incumbent on the lands of Malaysia we are an enormous retail of the wholesale telecom services to all the carriers concerned around the Earth. Our major interest lies along the South-Asian soil accumulated the most with Pakistan for enjoying as a Licensed company herein. The state is retrieving the termination accounting around 1500 million mins/month out of which Link Technology Limited being the transformation of LDI is charging for about 180M mins/mon that is approx 15% of the totality. For good measure, we aggregate 6M mins/mon of the traffic in entirety. The upheld functionality under our name is the aggregation of voice traffic from the MVNOs and Retail Markets presiding in South Asia, Africa and Middle East. We are connected with Intermediaries as well as the Direct carriers, holding affinity for uprising Telecom partners within the PTT, LDI and Mobile Networks to terminate the traffic as well. We generate VOIP services propelled via bilateral agreements between variant Telcos and Service retailers all across the lines. We know we are playing with time and space, and that's precisely what our conquest displays.


Link Technology is lifting up your communicational assets with its mindful extravagance!

Voice Termination

Taking the voice from the initial to final terminal has been automated in this service with secure and easy online portals. These automated carrier domains streamline business in multi-culture.

Managed Services

We are positioning this feature to let you updated with the whole IT infrastructure and enjoy the flexibility in cost, quality of service and restraint in risks. We opt advancement for our clients and we prompt them.

Worldwide Coverage

We encapsulate the whole region on the globe. Our services are not limited to a few specific business, institutions or incentives, instead we cover all that comes our way. That is our powerpoint!

Our Network

Our network is ramping a high-fidelity Infra and extrastructure encompassing secure carrier grid, high speed multi-protocol IP switch handling mobile and fixed line services. It is nevertheless a module to attain exhuberant generation of revenue and low cost avenue. Our network agenda is fully powered and secured for long route routing. Here goes the terminals we sustain for the routing purposes: Paris to UK, Miami to UK, London to Lahore- Islamabad, Lahore-Islamabad to Karachi, Lahore-Islamabad to Faisalabad.


To be known and recognized as a competitive, well reputed and a leading transnational telecom provider in the industry. To provide an unparalleled service to its customers whilst ensuring quick availability and 24/7 accessibility.

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Our Team

We have the HI-TECH brains that have minimum experience of 10 years in the field.

Muhammad Usman Hassan


Khurram Riaz

Chief Technical Officer

Shahid Khan

Chief Finance Officer

Iram Batool

Chief Commercial Officer

Why Choose Us

You are not choosing us, you are going for the best! We don't leave out none!


We embrace our partners with the best of technological legacy by putting together cutting-edge solutions to commence for improved bottomline.


We believe is two-way process, hencefore we don't only require your support but we lend a meticulous support team to be available for you 24/7 all around the year.

Quality Assurance

We know we have a name to maintain. only is that the reason why we never compromise on quality through multiple global interconnections and a robust IPX/MPLS/IP/TDM network.

Direct Association

We do not take chances with our state, very what for are we sharply inclined towards the direct connection with all those who belongs to the same CLASS.

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