1- Information Collection

This website is a deliberate orientation into our meticulous effort in propagating a long-term relation with our Customers and Suppliers through our Services, successfully. We address our Customers herein for the providence of vivid information they would need for hiring our assistance, like Location, Contact Information, Equipping Strategies and our History. Whereas, the contractors can avail with this facility to access Contact Information, Business Practices, Technical Infrastructure, and miscellaneous Geographical Information as well.

2- Use of Information

Information hence collected here will be merely shared with the relevant Contractors for the purpose of successful Services. The information mentioned before would be specific in nature and will just be task-related. Similarly, certain information will be accessed by the Customers pertaining the Contractors which is only related to their needs.

3- Disclosure

We have a well-defined system to look over the Procedure and Practices w.r.t. the endurance of security of Suppliers and Customers information. All the information within your account is protected by password of your own. We incorporate SSL- encryption for the providence of the secure data transfer as well. The information related to Suppliers and Customers are only revealed to those employees who need that information at the pinch of Business functions, etc. Link-Technology will monitor and adopt new Technological Advancements that are requisite for the assurance of accuracy in Services, till only the adequate level.

4- Cookies

Link-Technology uses cookies for the facilitation of a personalized experience for its Web-users. It uses session cookies only that are activated as long as your browser remains open. As soon as you exit the browser, the session-cookie is automatically deactivated. It is to be notified that no personal information is captured by any cookies session anyway.

5- Hyperlinks

To facilitate convenience for our users, Hyperlinks are added to the Website. However, the linked location is not under our supervision hence the privacy concern that we are applying on our Website does not resonate with them.