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We technically are creator of this Site. However, we exercise no editorial control over much of the Content on the Site as it is a paid content but can assure you the legitimacy of it. (“Third Party Providers”).
Revisions of these terms are done from time to time and they are enforced only after they are post.


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The fiscal terms or alterations to terms and conditions referred to in paragraph above will be treated as (at our sole discretion):
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Site Content

We are on the same page when we say that the Content on this Site is subject to copyright and possibly other intellectual property rights (“Intellectual Property Rights”). Unless you are expressly authorized by law you must not replicate it anyway or sell, reproduce it or use it in your personal gain also abstain from using any content on any other web site or in a networked computer environment for any purpose or replace any content consisting of downloadable software and you cannot violate or play with our intellectual property rights.

Your Use of the Site

You are not allowed to post any unauthorized content that is
ii. is defamatory or illegal, misleading or deceptive neither you are allowed to express any hatred or discrimination against any group of persons being a group defined by reference to color, race, sex, origin, nationality or ethnic or national origins. Any comment that denounces religious or political beliefs or contains religious or political material which cannot be endured or is indecent, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, offensive or not verified is strictly prohibited. And action will be taken for the respective culprit. Any content that is of a menacing character or is annoying and likely to cause agitation is banned by the authority of the related site. Any writing that is harmful in any way to the device of the honorable user is not appreciated by the inventors. You must not disrupt or interfere with the Site or servers or other software, hardware or equipment connected to or via the Site or violates any Applicable Law relating to your use of right to use this site or mistreat the information of users.

Other User Content

This Site may consist of Content updated by any user of it we have no objection on it but we do keep a watch over the rewritten or edited material. We can block the updated content if we find it against the law or unacceptable.
In relation to any content added by you, you give us liberty to use it anyway we want to anywhere we want to. You acknowledge that we may remove Content posted by you if it expires or the space provided to you runs out.

Third Party Providers

You acknowledge that if you come in contact with any third party provider of our site and suffer some loss or you are deceived by that party it’s your own responsibility and we are not to be blamed. Because it is solely between you and we are not part of such dealings.


Limitation of Liability

To the extent permitted by law no party involved in creating ,producing or in any way a part of this site is not responsible for any kind of damage or encryption in your data whether we are aware of it or not.

The Use of the Site Is At Your Risk

You use the Site at your risk, you must calculate your moves regarding any information provided of any company because the site is not responsible for any accuracy as it has many users and is updated or edited by everyone. We endeavor to provide data which is harmless but we cannot give guarantee of the data to be error free. Although we will use reliable endeavors but we urge you to keep backup of the data you post on the site for your own benefit. Without limiting the above provisions, everything provided on this site is for “you” and is available for you. This site was originated for the users to use and we appreciate when users take time to edit our site and we are honestly honored.